Our hand-blended cremes are 100% organic.  Using the highest quality wild-crafted essential oils, it's simply amazing.

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Take your relaxation to the next level with Energywork services that get to the heart of where stress begins.

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Explore the universe around you with these fun & interactive classes.  One of them is FREE!

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restorationspiritfor MInd, & spirit...

A unique place to balance your life with things that are good for you & good to you.

Inner-peace & balance starts from the mind and the subtle body. RestorationSpirit is all about helping you achieve mindful awareness of your state of being with our hand-blended products, insightful classes and healing energy work.  

Healing sessions can be arranged at your location in the Galena, Naperville, Chicago & Northshore areas as well.





800 Spring Street
Suite 205,
Galena, IL 61036

815 919 0560

**Spring Street is the same as HWY 20 in Galena.